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Chess Engines

   Net Chess works only with WinBoard-compatible chess engines. WinBoard by Tim Mann is one of oldest and well-known graphical user interface for chess. WinBoard serves as a front-end for different services, including a lot of chess engines that run on the PC.
   WinBoard-compatible chess engines are Win32 command line programs that you can run by hand in an command prompt box and type human-readable commands to. Net Chess connects to an engine simply by starting the engine up in the background and communicating with it through a pair of pipes. All chess engines are copyrighted but most of all are freeware.
   If you are the beginner or novice in chess the Mustang chess engine (included in the Net Chess setup) satisfies all of your requirements. In either case, you will need to use more stronger chess engines. Net Chess supports all Winboard-compartible chess engines, but we recommend you to use the following tested engines:

   The basic procedure for installing an engine is:
  • Download chess engine archieve file from its author's FTP or Web site.
  • Install (or extract from the archive file) the engine and any supporting files it needs to the destination folder.
  • Run Net Chess, open the Preferences dialog and select the Engines page. Double-click the left mouse button on Add new chess engine and follow the wizard instructions.
  • Press the OK button and close the Preferences dialog.

   For example to add Faile 1.4 to the Net Chess engine list follow these steps:
  • Open the Faile download page.
  • Click on the link to download the chess engine archive file.
  • Create faile subfolder in your Net Chess engines folder (by default "c:\program files\netintellgames\net chess 6\engines").
  • Extract all files from the downloaded file archive to the created faile subfolder (by default "c:\program files\netintellgames\net chess 6\engines\faile").
  • Run Net Chess, open the Preferences dialog and select the Engines page. Double-click the left mouse button on Add new chess engine. The Add Chess Engine Wizard dialog appeares. Push the Next button in the first two pages of the wizard.
  • Push the Browse... button on the third page of the wizard, find and select "c:\program files\netintellgames\net chess 6\engines\faile\faile.exe" executable file. Push the Next button to continue.
  • Push the Next button in the last two pages of the wizard.
  • Start new off line game with Faile chess engine.

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